MiTek is committed to develop high quality IT solutions meeting the needs of all of our customers. The company is utilizing the latest, industry standard server and web technologies and development methods. SAPPHIRE Build utilizes a unique application framework and code generation engine, which allows rapid and reliable development of robust applications.

The entire application fully leverages the latest Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft.NET, Microsoft IIS Server, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

General Features:

  • Web-Enabled Application for availability across the company
  • Available on-premise or hosted in the cloud - such as Amazon Web Services
  • Business Unit Hierarchy for flexibility and ease of use
  • Built-In Workflow System
  • Built-In Document Generation System
  • Role-Based User Model
  • Hundreds of Standard Reports

Accounting Integration:

MiTek has used this technology to create a seamless, real time integration, with Microsoft Dynamics SL for financial processing and reporting purposes.

BIM Integration:

SAPHIRE Build's Architectural Options Manager has been created as an AutoCAD ACA add-on.  Leveraging the power of 3D within the industries most widely used CAD platform. 

SAPPHIRE Build's Structural Framing solution utilizes MiTek's SAPPHIRE software infrastructure used at thousands of Component Manuifacturer locations throughout North America.  Although it is not a component design tool, SAPPHIRE Build models can be shared seamlessly with SAPPHIRE Structure.



MiTek has chosen Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services as the preferred reporting tool. Other business intelligence tools can also be used with SAPPHIRE Build due to the SQL Server database structure. The standard package of reports will continue to expand and once the Reporting services are installed onto your server, you can modify and copy SAPPHIRE standard reports to meet your unique business requirements. SAPPHIRE Build also allows for the creation of dashboards and Key Performance Indicators through these technologies which can be customized by role or by user and are available on the user's home page.