Sapphire Build Overview


Sapphire Build Enterprise Management Suite is an Internet-based, integrated, collaborative management and information distribution system for building companies. It provides a web-based marketing, sales, construction operations, product development and customer relations management solution. As a single system solution and has been specifically designed for professional builders to aid all stakeholders in the building process to share information to achieve ROI at every step in the process.

A Workflow based approach allows building companies to implement business processes which provide a structured approach to management of product information, product changes, vendor management, scheduling, finances and customer information. Yet, Sapphire Build is flexible and open to user customization of all workflows. Sapphire Build leverages open industry-standard technology tools (ASP.NET, C#, SQL) and can be easily adjusted to support existing business processes and existing information systems. Using an interactive web interface with a fully integrated internet homebuilding system allows for improved communications between prospective customers, home-buyers, employees and vendors through customizable portals preventing costly mistakes before they happen. Each user’s interface to their Sapphire Build account is role-based, allowing each user to have a personalized home page, which includes only the exact functionality authorized and required by that individual user. Whether you are a vendor, builder associate or customer, you can have access to your needed information. The Internet based technology enables easy and flexible setup of customized accounts and user interfaces. The end result is a more intuitive and easier-to-learn system than conventional builder systems.