Sapphire Build Product Development

Sapphire Build is the first Enterprise Management Suite to fully integrate a Volume Home Builder’s Product Development business processes into the mainstream enterprise management system. Sapphire Build enables the builder to manage options in the CAD system, 3D, take-offs from CAD which flow directly into the purchasing module of the Sapphire Build Enterprise Management Suite.

The features of Sapphire Build product development also target the business processes for creating, distributing and managing the construction documents. The versions and releases of the CAD drawings and construction documents are integrated into the full management suite and work concurrently with our business hierarchy. A vendor or builder does not have to worry about having the wrong version of a plan at a community or lot.

Our workflow system enables discipline in these product development departments in producing construction documents, design development and interaction with the entire design team including the engineers, mechanical HVAC partners and Component Manufacturers.

Download the fact sheet here.